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Lavender Vanilla Body Oil

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Place a few drops into palms, rub together to warm up oil, hold hands to face and breathe deep and let the Lavender in this product calm the nerves as Vanilla sweetens the senses. Apply to body in soft circular motions. Best if used right after a shower or bath while skin is still soft and moist. Also, can be used as a bath oil by dropping a few drops into bath water.

- Place a few drops into palms.

- Rub hands together, warming up oil, hold hands to face and breathe deep causing to the lavender in this product to calm the nerves as the vanilla sweetens the senses.

- Apply to face and body, massaging in gentle circular motions.

*cold pressed almond oil, non GMO vitamin E, *lavender oil, *vanilla oil, *rose hip seed CO2

*Indicates ingredients obtained from organic farming practices.

After struggling for years with, less than perfect skin, I went searching for a solution to improve my complexion. I found natural organic skincare to be my greatest medicine. I developed a line carefully crafted with makings diligently sourced using organic farming practices. This product is my gift to you, so that you can experience the magic yourself.

Love Always, Trisha