Earth Bronze

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This highly pigmented, super fine bronzing powder blends beautifully and seamlessly, leaving a super soft finish. The overall result is a very flattering, warm color. These minerals are infused with organic oils of Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Clove, Organic Cardamom CO2 and Organic Vanilla and non GMO Vitamin. These elements warm the skin naturally creating a gorgeous glow. Absolutely no need to expose your beautiful skin to harmful UVA to get the healthy tan coverage.

- Swirl a fluffy brush on inside of cap picking up minerals.

- Sweep over forehead, cheek bones & anywhere else the sun would naturally fall on the face.

- To set minerals, spray with favorite facial water.

titanium dioxide, brown iron oxide, sericite mica, yellow iron oxide, zinc oxide, **silica, **silk peptide, non GMO vitamin E, *ceylon cinnamon leaf oil, *cardamom CO2, *clove oil, *vanilla


titanium dioxide (CI 77891) brown iron oxide (CI 77491) sericite mica, yellow iron oxide (CI 77492) zinc oxide (CI 77497)

*Indicates ingredients obtained from organic farming practices.

**Indicates wildcrafted ingredients.

After struggling for years with less than perfect skin, I went searching for a solution to improve my complexion. I found natural organic skincare to be my greatest medicine. I developed a line carefully crafted with makings diligently sourced using organic farming practices. This product is my gift to you, so that you can experience the magic yourself.

Love Always, Trisha

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