Rescue Worker

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Designed to heal and reduce inflammation, extremely detoxifying bentonite clay is known to absorb toxins and release minerals aiding in a more pure and clear complexion. This helps with circulation, and overall skin tone and health. This is a product that is perfect for acne skin tyes. Bentonite Clay, organic Tea Tree, Turmeric CO2 and Cardamom CO2 help to heal the skin while reducing inflammation.

- Add your preferred liquid element to a teaspoon of clay powder.

- Blend until mixture is obtained.

- Apply to skin and let set until dry.

- For removal, rest a warm towel over face allowing masque to hydrate clay to loosen and break free.

- For best results, do not use metal for mixing. Apply as a spot treatment or an all over face masque. DO NOT USE ON SENSITIVE SKIN

**bentonite clay, tea tree, rosemary CO2,  cardamom CO2, turmeric CO2

*Indicates ingredients obtained from organic farming practices.

**Indicates wildcrafted ingredients.

After struggling for years with, less that perfect skin, I went searching for a solution to improve my complexion. I found natural organic skincare to be my greatest medicine. I developed a line carefully crafted with makings diligently sourced using organic farming practices. This product is my gift to you, so that you can experience the magic yourself.

Love Always, Trisha