The Tale of the Wooden Table

Posted by Trisha Watson on

As a little girl growing up, my first memory pertaining to my passion for skincare is still one of my fondest childhood memories of sitting, cozied up, under the wooden farm table in our family kitchen as my grandmother would sweetly hand me skincare samples from above the table. This is where my creativity grew. That loving table happily hosted events where my mother would invite women from our small town to gather and experience the joy of skincare together. I wasn't school age yet, so I had to be 4 or younger. Years later, that very table was passed down to me now holding warm, comfortable space for my own children still to this day. Often times I wonder if maybe one of my own kids is exploring the creation of a dream from the very depths of that wonderful table. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you! Trisha


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