Thank You, Every Woman

Posted by Trisha Watson on

Thank you, every woman, for being a woman and for partaking in the insight that collectively cultivates the significance of womanhood. Your display of heightened understanding helps to make human relationships more honest and beautifully authentic.

Thank you to the women who are mothers and the women who are wives. Your genuine selflessness and strength for your family is a demonstration of true courage. You share your entire future with that of your husband’s and your children, making mutual giving a priority as you join together in the service of love and life.

Thank you to women who are daughters and those who are sisters. You bring richness to the heart of the family which contributes to the strength of society. Your sensitivity has an awakening nature to those closest to you and your intuitiveness is a great gift for the increase of love and generosity.

Thank you to those women who work. You are present and active in every area of life, social, economic, cultural, artistic, and political. In this way, you create an irrevocable contribution to the growth of a culture in which unites reason and feeling, making the establishment of economic and political structures more worthy of humanity.

Thank you to the women of this Farm Logic Beauty community. The new and those who have walked alongside me for years. We harness and embrace powerful energy, placing us in a womb of continuous love and support for each other and our Mother Earth. This is the best gift we can give our tender and resilient selves. Together, we breathe into the same conscious awareness.


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