Organic Purifying System for Acne and Oily Skin

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If you are in the acne struggle, know that I am with you. Earlier in life, I had much less than perfect skin. Needless to say, this became more of a battle on the inside than the out. A contributing factor in launching an organic line was to have the solutions at my fingertips for all people struggling with a less than a perfect complexion. Here, I will share an effective regime to soothe inflammation and calm oily, troubled skin. 

Please note, the one element of education that I truly cherish, is the strong knowing that what you put inside your body, directly shows on the outside. Long term solutions to skincare issues begin in with a proper diet. Educating yourself on unclean ingredients you consume can be one of the best gifts one can give to themselves in regards to self care. 


Cleanser is an important step in the skincare regime. Cleansing alone has been known as a large part in skin health and is commonly overlooked. In the application process, please take a moment to massage in upward motions, working the product well into the skin. This will insure antioxidants are deposited efficiently, allowing them to work to their fullest capability. 


Start with NATURAL WONDER pre-cleansing cream. Oil bonds with oil, so this whipped oil cleanser deconstructs layers of excess oil, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual product buildup on skin. Simply massage cream cleanser over skin, add water to emulsify then rinse.


Follow with BEYOND GRATEFUL activated charcoal cleansing system. Add cleanser to skin, massage in upward circular motions, wet hands and repeat working antioxidants into the skin paying attention to areas of congestion and rinse. 


Blend ULTIMATE BLISS with BEYOND GRATEFUL for a purifying power cleanse. This powder is made up of astringent citrus oils and antioxidant rich silica for removal of excess dead skin cells that may be laying on the skins surface waiting to combine with oil to clog pores.


Blend a tablespoon of RESCUE WORKER with preferred liquid element, enough needed to make a paste. I prefer apple cider vinegar with RESUCE WORKER when I am experiencing an occasional breakout. Some clients like to use, yogurt, hazelnut oil, water other prefer their go-to cleanser or facial water. This  powder is made of a anti acne oils infused into bentonite clay, a substance mined directly from the earth as a superfood for the skin and this product has strong potential to be a powerful player in reducing inflammation and soothing troubled skin. This masque makes an excellent spot treatment as well!


Spritz HOME GROWN facial water over entire face and neck. This will add in nutrients such a Witch Hazel, Cardamom, Tea Tree and Juniper Berry to assist in acne healing and prevention. 


Follow with APLHA GLOW serum. This serum is rich in alpha hydroxy acids turmeric and tea tree, some well known elements in treating acne. For oily skin, this can be the final step, no moisturizer needed. This serum is a correction serum and will make a large impact in the effort to decrease unwanted blemishes and acne scarring. 


Follow with PLANTED moisturizer. This creamy moisturizer is highly beneficial for acne accompanied, dry skin. Apply a pea-sized amount on the face, massaging in upward circular motions. 

Please feel free to email me or my team. We are here for you, every step of the way! Skin treatment is therapy, meaning every condition and concern is unique to the individual. You may have questions on products and procedures which we completely understand and we are happy to help


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