My Hope for You

Posted by Trisha Watson on

As the gentle sun rises and angling shafts of light fall between the trees here on our farm, an emotion taps into my consciousness. The former year has now become a passing breeze that will never return and it is here in this place, we find profit in the tarnished, because its value is worth redeeming, in spite of where that breeze may have left us.  

In the depth of this new year, my hope for you is that you never grow careless in faith and perseverance while you secure a vigorous courage to grasp the joy that is held out to you.

My hope for you is that an almighty force, belonging to your soul, reaches inside the curtain of your heart, anchoring itself where love has entered as a spiritual forerunner.

My hope for you is that you witness a super-saturated cloud that showers peace into the minds of the unrested as fear loses its grip on them.

My hope for you is that you keep an almighty loyalty to truth, befriended by supreme patience, as you kindle the brilliant flame within.

My hope for you is that you may not grow weary in thankfulness, allowing gratitude to guide you down a royal road of grace.

As you continue to praise the works of a wonderful and miraculous healing earth, this is my hope for you.

Love Always, Trisha


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