Manufacturing Botanical Oils at Home

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There is no question that herbal oils are quite expansive. The great news is, they are simple to make yourself and can be highly effective which is why I have used herbal oils for years around our household and in the skincare line for the rest of you to enjoy. 

The go-to products containing infused oils from our farm, would be the Flower Girl Hydration Water and the Home Grown Facial Water, Nature Balm and so many more to come as the family and I work diligently in creating a farm fresh skincare haven. 

Begin by using fresh herbs, berries, roots, spices or whatever you would like to infuse your oil with. These botanicals can be harvested from around your household or purchase dry organic herbs from a reputable source. Pack a large jar with your chosen botanical. Choose your favorite monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oil best suited for the why you will be using the newly infused oil for. For acne remedies, Hazelnut oil is beneficial and astringent. For soothing dry skin, Avocado oil or Olive oil can be of help. Pour your oil over the botanical, filling the jar completely making sure that the botanical is fully submerged in the oil. Find a lid and close tightly.

Place in a sunny spot, I like window sill because the herbal oils make such a neat earthy type decor and an excellent conversation piece in the skincare treatment room outside the apothecary kitchen in the lower level of our home. Let this sit for several weeks. Feel free to lightly shake the jar every so often, moving the substance around inside the jar. 

When it comes time to strain, I like to use cheesecloth although any strainer will do. By holding the cheesecloth tightly over the opening of the jar or securing with a rubber band, you will be able to pour to infused oil out of the jar in to a fresh clean jar. 

Repack another clean jar with your new infused oil full of the same botanical. Add the newly infused oil, plus additional oil to cover once again. Find your favorite spot in the sun and let sit once again. After several weeks, strain though cheesecloth into a clean jar, label and store. You oils is ready to be used. 

To ensure the shelf life of theoil, add rosemary, vitamin e, or grapefruit seed oil. These additives will help the carrier oil of your concoction to remain stable and will help to avoid oxidization. Enjoy!!


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