How To Soothe and Moisturize Dry Winter Skin

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Winter on the farm can be a period of total bliss for my family and me. We’ll take long walks across the snow-blanketed fields followed by snuggling up indoors watching the fireplace crackle. But, these frosty pastimes come at a cost. For all of us, the shift in temperature takes a toll on our skin—causing anything from dryness and flakiness to redness and irritation.

I’ve spent many years blending skincare mixtures with various herbs and learning what works best for different skin types. I found natural organic skincare to be my medicine, and the only thing that would soothe my stressed-out sensitive skin. And, more than ever during the transition of seasons, I dedicate a moment to myself to evaluate my skin’s condition and monitoring any notable differences. As the weather changes, I encourage everyone to take these steps to figure out what your skin needs. Cold weather is especially harsh on delicate skin. And, when skin is dry, it’s less able to protect itself and craves nutrients more than ever. 

The easiest way to combat premature aging and prevent unnecessary fine lines and wrinkles is to keep skin hydrated. Lower temperatures leave your skin more vulnerable to the attack of free radicals, which can cause loss of collagen and elastin. Following a season of cold, dry air, it’s best to drink tons of water, be conservative with coffee and alcohol intake and slather on an antioxidant-rich moisturizer.

When it comes to selecting the right moisturizer to meet your skin’s specific needs, there are a few universal rules to go by:

1. Replenish with Antioxidants

It’s important to nourish skin with plenty of plant-derived vitamins and antioxidants year-round. But, after harsher weather conditions, it’s an imperative part of effective skincare. In my own formulations, I found that Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter—two highly nutritional carrier oils—gave Planted its beneficial boost to effectively deliver the more targeted antioxidants. Quality natural organic ingredients, such as cold-pressed filtered Tamanu Oil, Tea Tree Oil and White Willow Bark work harmoniously to help soothe inflammation and redness, while skin is deeply nourished and rehydrated. I formulated Victory Garden specifically for anyone with normal to extremely dry skin types, which contains antioxidant-rich organic ingredients, such as wildcrafted Elemi Oil and Rooibois Leaf Extract, which both help to keep skin looking radiant and youthful. It also contains another one of my all-time favorite ingredients—Sea Buckthorn, a prized botanical used for centuries as traditional medicine and skin treatment in Russia and Scandinavia. The plant is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of these regions and is consequently packed with an extremely high concentration of antioxidants.

2. Retain Moisture with Humectants

Humectants are ingredients that attract water molecules like a magnet. Glycerin is a natural humectant that is extremely powerful in penetrating the skin and retaining moisture. It makes the perfect addition to the composition of Victory Garden—my ultra-rich face cream for moisture-boosting and age-delaying. I chose to incorporate Hyaluronic Acid in Planted—an ingredient that helps retain 1,000 times its weight in water—as it draws in critical moisture to soothe skin and can help minimize the appearance of acne and blemishes.

3. Not All Alcohol is Created Equal

Let’s tap into the taboo and talk about organic alcohol. Alcohol has received an abundance of negative press when it comes to skincare, so why would I use it as a preservative in my organic moisturizers? It is important to know that not all alcohol is created equal. Negative reports of drying alcohol originate from isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol that can be found in first aid kits and also conventional skincare products. Unlike those harsh chemicals, organic alcohol is efficacious, non-toxic, natural and non-drying especially when formulated into an organic moisturizer. I only allow domestically products, food-grade, certified organic alcohol, natural essential oils and pure plant extracts to sustain the life of organically preserved products. Even for the most sensitive skin, organic alcohol serves as a vehicle assisting powerful extracts and herbal nutrients in their journey of penetration into the layers of the skin, delivering a high concentration of beneficial ingredients. 

Switching to an organic moisturizer comprised of cold-pressed oils and wildcrafted botanicals is the best solution for dramatically improve the quality of your skin throughout the year—but especially when skin is more fragile after the colder seasons. Nourish, replenish and moisturize dry skin with high quality natural and organic ingredients for healthy, radiant results.


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