Goodbye Puffy Eye, Hello Organic Solution

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One of the most common questions I get as a skincare professional, “what do you have for the eye area”?

Which is exactly why I compounded an Ayurvedic based Eye and Face Oil recently featured in British Vogue’s 2018 November issue as a preferred skincare item on ‘Vogues Beauty Checklist’. This miracle potion is made from succulent Ayurvedic herbal extracts, such as Gotukola, known as the ‘fountain of life’ in Chinese Legend. This ingredient will stimulate blood flow bringing beneficial nutrients to the skin, combating those pesky under eye circles. Ashwagandha, for brightening and smoothing fine lines, Sesame and Carrotseed for powerful antioxidant and and anti-aging effects and natural SPF protection, just to name a few. With regular use of this oil, one may appear to look and feel fresh and rested. When you look good, you just feel good!

Other treatments outside of a professional skincare routine are as follows:

Ayurvedically speaking, when the eyes are puffy, tired looking and accompanied with dark circles, your Vata is aggravated. Meaning, the nervous system is being put to good use and it just might be time for a shavasana, meaning rest. Whether that’s prayer, yin yoga etc. a preferred mediation may be of extreme help in achieving a more restful appearance as time allows.

Also, never underestimate the importance of a good multivitamin, fish oil pills, probiotics and of course, LOTS of water!

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