A Foundation Committed to Eco-Consciousness

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The devastation was no secret when forensic ecotoxicologist discovered that the nano particles in sunscreens were creating danger to our underwater wildlife habitats, killing coral reefs and sadly, no longer leaving them the ability to reproduce.

Unmistakable global issues such as these leaves eco-conscious companies to take matters into their own hands, using their passion in creating products that are less detrimental to the environment, all in hopes to bring others to a more intimate connection with the earth.

Our minerals in which we create our foundation formulations proudly contain non-nano, reef safe particles and have passed numerous independent, clinical eco-toxicity tests and are sourced with extreme diligence for the creation of our small batch formulas. Alike the rest of our products, a chosen remedy on a mission in healing the earths deadly wounds to infuse the planet with resurrection.

Here at Trisha Watson Organics, we join forces with eco conscious brands as we source diligently in hopes to bring awareness to the planetary wounds that are perpetuated and deepened with poor environmental practices. 

Purchasing eco consciously is an opportunity for us all to do our part in conducting the proper recognition of of the matter, setting standards for environmental safety.

There is a great healing energy about the earth that is always working. Every day is a chance to heal the brokenness and restore the identity that empowers us to all share in this truly relentless mission. 

Love always, Trisha


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