Clay: The Ancient Natural Wonder and Our Own Self-Care Alchemy

Posted by Trisha Watson on

Clay, a primeval natural wonder that is found in the depths of the earth's crust, whether it may be the mysterious mountains, tranquil rivers, or moonlit forests. Clay represents the richness of the earth and is readily transformed by water and fire at any given moment. Kindly, our earth has gifted us the powerful elements of clay for many glorious reasons.


Clay is malleable and can be shaped and changed at the slightest touch. Like a potter on a ceramic wheel, we experience the strong impervious characteristics of clay taking heed as we access our own natural nature, working with clay during our personal care routines. This brings into existence a profound earthly power in our very own space. As we take the very earth in our hands, we bring about our own earthly authenticity because, we as humans, house a divinity within us that is deeply connected to the earth.

Both in and out of our own self-care practices, we are our own alchemist, and like a potter at the wheel, with enough persistence, continual reformation, and a gentle touch to guide the shape, within every circumstance is the given opportunity to fabricate the beauty of the final product. This calls us to become what shapes us into being something new, something beloved and something artistic due to the given grace that forms when fully acknowledging and appreciating the gifts of the earth.

I find that creating skincare products with material such as clay, brings about a feeling of inferiority to the dynamism that truly resides within the planet we live on. Comparable to the feeling one may experience when gazing up at a starry night sky, moving clay through the fingertips can make one quickly realize how small we truly are. We are only guests here on this earth, not the masters. The mysterious mountains, tranquil rivers, and moonlit forests were here before us and will be here after us. May we hold steadfast the glorious being of our earth and forever, may glory be.


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