Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Why They Are A Must for Every Skincare Regime

Posted by Trisha Watson on

Let's talk one of my favorite Acids! AHA, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHA has been grabbing my attention, sparking my interest for many years. During an experience I had of working in a large chain department store is when I discovered this wonderful bouquet of amazing acids. This was a time when natural and organic skincare was still very much uncharted territory to such a mega cooperation. Although, natural makings were very few and far between, I yearned for natural ingredients and was so extremely pleased to find AHA's as one of very few natural makings in a makeup and skincare line on the cosmetic sales floor. Since then, I have researched profusely before coming to know and love the wonderful world of AHA's.

An alpha hydroxy serum such as Trisha Watson Organic's 'Alpha Glow' can serve as a resurfacer as well as a light moisturizer. The acids that make up the AHA formulations at Trisha Watson Organics are Formulated with anti aging and anti acne in mind. Loaded with potent natural glycolic/citric acids in a soothing organic aloe base, this product contains an AHA blend of malic acid, from apples, tartaric acid from grapes, citric acid from citrus fruit, glycolic acid from cane sugar, lactic acid produced for beet sugar.

AHA brings amazing benefits to mostly all skin types! Whether the concern may be mature skin, rough, bumpy, troubled skin in need of rebalancing or age spots, AHA’s can help encourage skin to look it’s very best. As one of natures best natural retexturing superstars, AHA's have been known to refine and brighten, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and revived.


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