Covid-19 Statement

What continues to be most important to us is the healthy and wellbeing of you, our community and our team members.

As far as skincare, we are running strongly and doing our best to meet supply and demand. We have met some natural sourcing challenges given this state of epic consumerism while staying in the understanding that all will unfold in perfect time and we will receive what we need exactly when needed to fill orders as perfectly as possible.

While our aim is to continuously inspire you with ways to enrich and elevate your self-care rituals at home, we want to provide you with the new protocols in place and reassure you that our customer service team is always here for you!

For more information, please review our newly updated FAQ below or you can reach us at


Frequently Asked Questions


Our products are made in small batches so we can commit utmost care and attention to each one. They are farm-fresh and properly stored until they are ready to be shipped to you. Once the products leave the farm steps, we sadly have no way of monitoring the conditions in which they are stored. Due to the nature of delicate and organic ingredients, excessive heat exposure can cause them to separate. If upon opening your Trisha Watson Organics product you notice anything that does not look right, please contact us immediately.

Please note, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges for any products that have been used or tampered with in any way. 


Given the current circumstances, please anticipate that shipments may be delayed.


Safety is always a non-negotiable priority for us. Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after each batch is prepared. This, along with strict handwashing policies, is a routine we have practiced since the foundation of the company to ensure our products meet the highest standard of safety. 

In response to dealing with COVID-19, our team has maintained social distancing and a pause on all non-essential work travel—mandating remote work where possible.